We are aware some Givers who set up monthly donations in the past are having those donations returned by PayPal. Please click the "Donate" tab to set up that on-going donation again. We are sorry for the inconvenience. You may also mail your gift to:

Wellspring of Life

PO Box 756

Tellico Plains, TN 37385

Urgent Needs:

1.  Fifteen-passenger van and goats for the ministry - around $5,000

The Branches Fellowship Church in Greenback, TN has donated their van to the ministry (thank you!).  Other friends in the area are donating Boer meat goats (not available in Honduras) and a trailer to carry them.  We now have the permission to bring the goats through Mexico.  We need money for repairs, gas, goat food, lodging along the way, and to pay the driver.  This is an EXTREMELY URGENT NEED.

2. Engine Rebuild kit for our tractor - $1,100

Last spring a Honduran local donated a tractor for us.  Unfortunately, it's engine needed to be rebuilt.  In late November, a team from Indiana is coming to rebuild it.  All we need to have a working tractor for our 268-acre ranch is the engine kit.  This need is URGENT.

3. New Transmission for Ministry Truck - $1,400

It is currently dead and is desperately needed.  This is also an URGENT need.

Ongoing Needs:

1.  Animals

We need animals that we can “lease” to people in and around El Doradito.  An animal such as a milk goat will be leased to a local family for free for one year.  They will take care of it and consume or sell the milk it provides.  At the end of the year they will return the goat to the ranch along with one of its kids.  They get to keep the rest of its offspring.  We, like many other ministries, have discovered that leasing is much better than giving.  That old saying is true, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” A mature milk goat costs $250.  Praise the Lord for the donation of several milk goats from TN.  As soon as we get permission from the Mexican government, we will be driving them down on a trailer behind our donated van.

2.  Facility Upgrades

While many upgrades have been made during the past school year, many more are needed.  For example, split-unit air conditioners in each classroom would make learning much easier.  Yes, it’s always hot in Honduras, but even more than that it’s noisy.  Closing the windows would block most of the distracting noise.  An air conditioner can be purchased and installed in a classroom for less than $1,000.  

3. Regular Monthly Support

In reality, this is our greatest need.  If possible, please set up recurring monthly gifts.  This is the most efficient and effective way to fund Wellspring of Life.  And please know that your gift, whatever the amount, matters.  The entire ministry operates on the equivalent finances of a middle income family in America.  

How to Give:


1. Wellspring of  Life accepts gifts in the form of cash or checks. Checks can be mailed to: 

Wellspring of Life

P. O. Box 756

Tellico Plains, TN 37385


2.  Give through PayPal.  There are several portals on this website.  You can give a one-time gift or, even better, set up on-going giving.

Ben Styles, Board Member - “When my wife and I traveled on a vision trip to El Doradito, Honduras in October of 2018, God confirmed to each of us that Wellspring of Life would be our international mission focus for the remainder of our days.  He has called us to go as often as we can and give until He takes us home.  We are honored and humbled that God has allowed us to play a part in this ministry.”

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