Would you consider partnering with us on one or more of these projects to help move forward the mission? At Wellspring of Life we believe that ministry is what happens when we serve together to help meet the needs of others. We don’t wait until the project is complete to feel like we can minister but it happens in the process of building everyday relationships through these projects. You can help us raise money for a certain project that would provide jobs for locals or plan a trip with a team to come and help meet a need and ministering alongside us.

  • Tables and benches for students to eat together outside the classroom. Benches will also serve as seating for chapel.

  • Increase staff- We have a need for two more teachers, possibly more if volunteers are unable or to travel due to Covid restrictions

  • Covered area for shade in the play/common area. The sun is very intense even early in the morning. We no longer have a space large enough for all students to meet inside for chapel or school meetings.

  • 15 passenger van to transport students to and from the ranch.

  • We have multiple building projects we need to raise funds for. Some buildings just need repairs such as paint, new electric and plumbing, and new roofing. We also have some new buildings needed, such as mission housing and animal housing...we are growing and that’s exciting!

  • Expansion of irrigation system...we have a LOT of ground to cover.

  • On-going Fencing...We will be replacing some existing fence and building new in areas where there is none. We especially need to be able to fence the entire parameter for security purposes.

  • We have a need to hire a night-time security guard--one more job we have the opportunity to provide!

The church is a building located on the ranch, the structure is there but it is in need of repair to allow it to be fully used to its potential. It needs a new roof, paint, windows, doors, tables, and chairs.

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Financially support what God is doing here in Honduras

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