When looking at the tuition fees, please understand that these are tuition fees per year. These fees are divided up monthly and account for the tuition costs per student. In addition to the tuition providing the resources needed for a student's education, the tuition also covers one meal a day on school days, as well as three school uniforms.


If you would like to sponsor a student, there are two tuition fees depending on the age and grade of the student. 

$200 per year for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

$400 per year for students 6th grade and beyond. This extra amount accounts for the same items listed for younger students as well as the opportunity to participate in a work program on the ranch that not only gives them the ability to earn the money through the scholarship, but also provide money for their families. 

To sponsor a student, click the button below and select "Sponsor a Student" in the subject area. We will get back to you soon about the opportunity to invest in the life of a student.

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Financially support what God is doing here in Honduras

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